ApexWav range of 60 GHz chipset is 1000 times faster than Bluetooth, 10 times faster than 802.11n; 5 times faster than 802.11ac and at ultra low power and 7 GHz bandwidth.

At home, you can wirelessly backup documents, photos, videos to your external hard drive, PC and memory devices at blazing speeds without the need for clunky cables or wires.

At work, you can synchronize presentation materials, share files and stream videos in the meeting room wirelessly.

At play, you can stream uncompressed 1080p HD video to your friends’ mobile, watch your favorite movies, transfer songs and photos, play games together anywhere at anytime.

With proliferation of micro and picocell LTE base station installations, 60 GHz wireless millimeter wave radios are being used to solve backhaul connectivity challenges too!

There are 2 major trends in consumer behaviour to stream HD movies and games without the need to pay Telco:

  • Wigig Consumer, Communication and Computing
  • 4G Backhaul and Security Camera Industrial

The advent of LTE network also need a new backhaul picocell or microcell that will use miliimeter wave to extend coverage to indoor areas in highly populated locations.

Given the 7 GHz of bandwidth available in the unlicensed 60 GHz band, and the benefits of increased frequency re-use due to oxygen absorption at 60 GHz, this frequency band is now set to become one of the main options for small cell backhaul.